When Heaven Touches EarthDid you know
ultimate wellness
is a gift?

by Patricia Wagner

A s hard as we may try to get everything right when it comes to our health, in the end our earthly life spans are only so long. Few of us will be alive 100 years from now!

So while we're trying to eat healthy foods, exercise and get the right medical care, in the end we're going to need something more than that.

We really do need a completely new kind of life that is eternal.

This life can only come from God.

Did you realize that God is offering us the best health plan of all - ultimate wellness of body, mind and spirit!

He loves us so very much... more than any of us will ever completely understand.

salvation Who can imagine the love that God has for us?

Bible This is the greatest love story of all time!

Jesus Christ This is the most wonderful romance of all!

Today there's the scientific miracle of heart transplants. A functioning heart from someone who has died is surgically placed into the chest cavity of a living person who will die unless this procedure is done. So one person has given his life for someone else. However, not willingly.

In the case of God, He deliberately sent His Son into the world to give His life for us.

Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay the debt we can't pay. He took our punishment. He also rose from the dead and is forever alive!

Now those who are spiritually dead can also rise from the dead spiritually because of the life of Christ. Those who are alive spiritually will one day be resurrected from the dead physically like Jesus was!

When we trust Jesus Christ only to save us instead of relying on our own supposed goodness or on someone or something else, we actually receive a life