Your Secret Pep Booster

by Patricia Wagner

A re you guilty of something I've done many times?

I've got a confession to make - I've been guilty of zapping my own energy!

For years I did something that probably is one of the number one energy killers!

You may be doing the same thing to yourself too. I'd like to share a health tip with you that may change your life.

Here's one of the most important steps you can take to increase your pep ...

Give the boot to worry!

Guess what worry does to you? Both mentally and physically.

1. It saps your energy.

2. It weighs you down.

3. It stifles creativity.

4. It encourages disease.

5. It causes mental stress.

These are some of the bad things worry does to you. But does it do any good? Has worry ever done anything positive for you? It never has for me. In fact, it's absolutely worthless!

Giving up worry is a good suggestion, you may be thinking. But how can I do that? You may feel that you're a victim of compulsive worrying, but there's hope! If you keep reading this short article, I'll share with you the secret that I found. It works great!

Here's the first tip to eliminating worry from your life.

1. Decide that worry is harmful!

Just how is worry harmful? Well, look again at the list at the beginning of this article of at least five bad things that result from worrying. While you're worrying, positive thoughts don't have a chance to be heard. They're silenced by the worried ones!

How many creative moments have you lost to wasteful worry?

Also, while you're worrying, the tasks at hand can be slighted since you're not giving them your full attention. Worry causes us to be preoccupied.

2. Choose to take responsibility for your thoughts.

How can you take responsibility for what you're thinking? Well, think of it like this. You probably either own a VCR yourself or at least you've probably watched videos at a friend's house or at school. If you're watching a video you don't like, what do you do? Are you a helpless victim? Do you have to watch the entire video? Of course not. You simply turn it off and eject the video.

Thoughts work the same way. You don't have to be a helpless victim of your own thinking. EJECT the worried thought as soon as it comes to call.

How it works for me is this. A thought may come into my head such as - how am I ever going to have enough money to pay my bills? Right there I have a choice. I can grab that worried thought and run with it. Or I can eject it. Here's what my goal is when a worried thought comes - I try to remember a promise from the Bible that fits the problem.

Here's a good one for financial worries: "My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:19). I think about this promise instead and it replaces the harmful worried thought.

Then an amazing peace settles into my mind! This can happen to you too.

3. Think good thoughts instead of worrying.

We can fill our minds with good thoughts instead of bad ones. For example, when I'm tempted to worry about how someone has done me wrong, I can try to remember their good qualities instead. When I start to worry about a seeming lack, I can stop right there and give thanks for the fact that so far I can still walk, hear and see. If I get to the point where I can no longer do these things, there'll be something else for which to give thanks.

4. Thankfulness is a strong worry defeater!

It means you're dwelling on your blessings instead of your problems. This really helps boost energy since you're not weighing yourself down with useless worry.

5. Decide to say "goodbye" to worry.

See if you don't feel more energetic.

When I decided to part ways with worry, I began to have more and more peace of mind. It's so wonderful!

I have more pep too.

Instead of worrying about tomorrow, I try to live moment by moment in the now. The present moment is so much more satisfying since I'm living in it now! We can worry so much about the future that it ruins our present.

So let's say goodbye to worry and face each moment IN THE NOW without that useless weight!

Perhaps you feel you don't have the power in yourself to walk away from worry. I never could have done it either in my own strength.

That's why I've included a resource for you to investigate. It's an article entitled, "Are You Missing out?"

June 11 2008

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