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Where Could Someone Find Multiple Sclerosis Support?

If a person were to search the Internet for Multiple Sclerosis, they would find hundreds of sites with detailed information about the disease. Many of these sites talk about Multiple Sclerosis support and many offer support via messageboards and chatrooms. When a person is initially diagnosed with MS, it can be quite scary.


With very little knowledge about the disease and the course of the disease, people are frightened. Although Multiple Sclerosis is the most common Neurological disease in North America, many people are unaware of the seriousness of this condition. Unless a person knows someone with MS, often this disease is foreign to them. It can be scary if the person they know is in a wheelchair or needs a care-giver. Automatically newly diagnosed patients may assume that a wheelchair is their fate. This is not true at all. Visiting Multiple Sclerosis websites and participating in Multiple Sclerosis support groups will help a person to learn about the disease.

Multiple Sclerosis support should definitely introduced to people newly diagnosed with MS. It is important to be in contact with people who understand the disease and are able to provide encouragement and support. Although family members and friends are caring and attempt to be supportive, they cannot completely understand Multiple Sclerosis like the one who is living with it daily. Most areas have Multiple Sclerosis support groups, either through the MS Society or those created by a group of individuals. Besides Multiple Sclerosis support groups, people with MS need a support system of their own which should include their family doctor, their neurologist, their MS nurse and anyone else who are able to offer support in trying circumstances.

If you or someone you know has been recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, it is essential to get involved with some sort of Multiple Sclerosis support group. If there isn’t an organized support group in your area, perhaps you might like to start one. If this is not an option, find a Multiple Sclerosis support group online such as a MS chatroom or messageboard or join an emailing list for people with MS.