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What is The Multiple Sclerosis Society?

The Multiple Sclerosis Society is a national organization in North America that was formed to help people living with MS. The Multiple Sclerosis Society is in place to provide education about the disease, to provide financial assistance for mobility aids and other items needed by people living with MS and to offer support for people with MS, their family members and their care-givers. The Multiple Sclerosis Society has various divisions or offices in various parts of North America. Both in the United States and Canada, the MS Society is very active and aims to help those affected by Multiple Sclerosis.


The Multiple Sclerosis Society raises most of their money through fundraising. Throughout the year they have several campaigns and fundraising activities which people take part in to help raise money for MS awareness and in the hope it may help in finding a cure for this disease. Once popular campaign the Multiple Sclerosis Society has during the year is the Carnation Campaign. People sell these beautiful flowers to raise money. These people generally belong to what is known as a MS Chapter. A MS Chapter is a small group of people, a support group really, that is set up by people affected by Multiple Sclerosis. In most provinces of Canada and states in the US, there are MS Chapters. They are largely responsible in their area for fundraising efforts such as the Carnation Campaign and the MS SuperCities Walk.

To find out more about the Multiple Sclerosis Society, people can visit the various MS Society websites. To find these websites, a simple search for Multiple Sclerosis Society through a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, will provide links to the appropriate sites. Visiting the Multiple Sclerosis Society websites will help to answer any questions a person might have about MS and also describe the mission of the Multiple Sclerosis Society and the different services they provide.